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Photo of Andrew Partridge - Project Manager of Special Counsel

Andrew Partridge, Esq., CEDS

Project Manager

Expertise Antitrust Litigation, DOJ Antitrust Cases, Government Investigations, Project Management, Project Manager, SEC Investigations, Securities, Securities Fraud

Andrew Partridge, Esq., CEDS Project Manager - Chicago, IL

Andrew Partridge, Esq., CEDS, is a project manager at Special Counsel, working out of Special Counsel’s Chicago office and Turnkey Legal Center, where he has supervised many matters. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University and his Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Andrew’s areas of expertise include cases involving securities fraud, shareholder derivative actions, pharmaceutical litigation, wrongful termination, and patent and other intellectual property infringement. Andrew’s primary focus, however, has been assistance with Government Regulatory Defense, including cases brought by state governments and numerous federal agencies, namely the DOJ, the SEC, the FTA, the FTC and the FBCP. Andrew has managed a number of antitrust and deceptive practices defense matters. Additionally, Andrew has supervised teams in four unique SEC investigations and audits. In total, he has managed more than 40 eDiscovery projects. Andrew has experience managing cases utilizing multiple platforms, including Viewpoint, Relativity, Stratify, Ringtail, Omnix, Concordance and Clearwell. Andrew holds CEDS and Viewpoint certifications.


Andrew recently led a team of 21 reviewers in the evaluation of 270,000 documents. The case involved a regulatory investigation brought under the Higher Education Act by the Department of Justice. At Andrew’s direction, the review team categorized every document for responsiveness and privilege, and redacted documents where necessary for personally identifiable information and other highly confidential material. Andrew supervised a robust quality control process throughout the entire project, implementing a tiered approach that took advantage of personnel with prior regulatory defense experience, and thus minimizing costs to the client. Andrew successfully led the team in generating several accurate production sets, as well as completing a privilege log at counsel’s request. In large part because of the subject matter expertise possessed by Andrew, he was able to aid directly in the defense strategy by pinpointing and immediately alerting counsel to key documents identified by the review team. Andrew’s team realized a 98% accuracy rate based on a quality sample size of 18%.

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