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Photo of Brandon Lambert - Project Manager of Special Counsel

Brandon Lambert

Project Manager

Expertise Banking Litigation, Patent Litigation, Pharmaceutical, Project Management, Project Manager, SEC Investigations

Brandon LambertProject Manager - Minneapolis, MN

Brandon Lambert has been leading managed reviews with Special Counsel since 2013. While managing teams with as many as 130 reviewers and working with teams and clients across the country, he has consistently delivered a high quality work product for his clients. Brandon’s experience is a valuable resource for clients engaged in the eDiscovery process. His ability to spot potential issues, understand and apply preferred methodologies and suggest efficient alternative approaches are a few characteristics on which clients often comment. His proactive and transparent nature is illustrated via his regular updates to his clients, ensuring an efficient and consistent managed review that is tailored to the unique needs of each client. Brandon earned his Juris Doctor from Hamline University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics, Accounting and Management from The College of Saint Scholastica. Brandon is licensed to practice law in the state of Minnesota. His areas of significant experience include: banking, pharmaceuticals, patent infringements, SEC investigations and contract disputes.


Brandon’s value can be found in his focus on quality control, communication and specialization of his team members. He utilizes information gathered in comprehensive quality control reviews to provide both individualized and team-wide feedback to his team, solidifying their comprehension of the substantive issues of the case and the objective criteria of the client’s review protocol. He also focuses on cultivating specialized teams for tasks within the review, such as quality control, redaction and fulfilling high priority side projects for our clients. By having teams that are versed in specialized tasks as well as general review procedures, he is able to reallocate these attorneys as needed to keep the review running efficiently. Effective client communication is also a priority for Brandon. In addition to making sure that our clients are kept abreast of the specifics and statistics of the review through daily reports, he also makes sure that important observations and inquiries raised by the team are appropriately addressed with our clients.

Brandon’s knowledge base regarding the technology, best practices and common pitfalls make him a valuable consultant at all stages of the eDiscovery process. Whether our clients are working on their first review or if they have a great deal of experience, he will provide value to the process that will be reflected in the end product.

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