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Photo of Brian Hall - Project Manager of Special Counsel

Brian Hall

Vice President - Delivery

Expertise Acquisitions, Antitrust Litigation, Banking Litigation, CFPB Investigations, DOJ Antitrust Cases, Financial Litigation, Mergers, Project Management, Project Manager, SEC Investigations

Brian Hall Vice President - Delivery - Minneapolis, MN

Since joining Special Counsel in 2007, Brian Hall has managed complex, large-scale projects, including reviews involving as many as 70 attorneys in multiple locations. Experienced in every facet of eDiscovery from collection to production, Brian supervises Special Counsel project managers across the nation. He provides industry-leading service for clients, supplying options and early issue alerts, as well as project metrics and projections. Brian has successfully completed eDiscovery projects for several Fortune 500 companies and many of the largest law firms in the United States. His areas of expertise at Special Counsel include banking and financial litigation, DOJ antitrust cases, SEC and CFPB Investigations, and mergers and acquisitions due diligence. Prior to joining Special Counsel, Brian had a private practice in Minneapolis. Brian received his Juris Doctor from Hamline University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Michigan. Brian is a member in good standing of the Minnesota Bar.


Brian has successfully managed over 150 projects. He takes particular pride in the experience and expertise developed in his numerous projects involving government investigations, due diligence, and ANDA litigation. Brian’s experience with government investigations encompasses several distinct areas: SEC and CFPB investigations of financial institutions, manufacturers and for-profit colleges and due diligence investigations of proposed mergers and acquisitions as instigated by the DOJ/FTC. When he is not engaged in investigations of these and similar types, Brian works regularly on ANDA litigation on behalf of generic drug manufacturers.

The link below will take you to a case study of a due diligence matter managed by Brian for a major office supply company. The case provided challenges in turnaround time and volume of documents. The client provided valuable daily feedback, and the project was completed on time, under budget and with praise from the client.

The investigation involved over 350,000 total documents, including 10,000 handwritten documents, which all had to be turned around in a tight timeframe. Brian and his team completed the project within the deadline by identifying over 18,000 that did not even have to be reviewed. Another time and cost-saving measure was the decision to put two reviewers on the handwritten documents full-time, but only after a preliminary review by Brian to segregate by custodian in an attempt to locate important information first.

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