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Photo of Cara Hughes - Project Manager of Special Counsel

Cara Hughes

Project Manager

Expertise Antitrust Litigation, Banking Litigation, Financial Litigation, Project Management, Project Manager

Cara Hughes Project Manager - Phoenix, AZ

Cara joined Special Counsel as a Project Manager in 2015. Her project expertise encompasses a diverse number of fields, including banking and financial litigation, shareholder appraisal actions, and complex antitrust litigation. By working in concert with clients and the eDiscovery vendor right from the beginning to define project goals, optimize productivity and accuracy through data collection, establish workflow processes and provide continuous monitoring of the reviewers' work, each of her projects has resulted in first-rate reviews and highly satisfied clients. Prior to joining Special Counsel, Cara worked in refugee and human rights law with an international non-profit organization. Cara received her Juris Doctor from University of California Hastings College of the Law in 2009 and is a member in good standing with the California State Bar.


Cara recently completed managing three iterations of a project involving a post-merger shareholder appraisal action. The review involved three clients and a combined total of over 365,000 documents requiring various levels of review. Over the course of several months, Cara and her team of 10 contract attorneys were able to execute 2 substantive reviews for the client's internal use in preparing for trial, as well as a comprehensive review that concurrently examined a subset of documents for responsiveness, privilege, redactions, and privilege log composition. Throughout the multiple phases of this project, Cara trained, advised, and educated the review team on issue analysis, privilege classification, and effective use of the review platform to enable her team to deliver high-caliber results at an exceptional pace. Working in collaboration with the client to adapt workflow as the discovery process for the project evolved allowed for this extraordinarily complex review to be completed within the client's deadlines without sacrificing quality. The end result was a highly satisfied client who immediately sought out Special Counsel's services for their next managed review project.

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