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Photo of Katie Curiel - Project Manager of Special Counsel

Katie Curiel

Director of Delivery

Expertise Acquisitions, Antitrust Litigation, Banking Litigation, Class Action Lawsuits, Project Management, Project Manager

Katie Curiel Director of Delivery - Miami, FL

As director of delivery for Special Counsel, Katie oversees numerous project managers on a variety of cases in her territory, which includes the south and mid-atlantic, splitting the northeast region. Additionally, Katie acts as a project manager on cases for clients that are highly complex and need the utmost experience. Before joining Special Counsel, Katie worked at a global consulting group and conducted eDiscovery management, overseeing 100+ attorneys. Her consulting and advisory services have been provided in matters ranging from class actions, government investigations (FDA, DOJ, SEC, and FTC), securities litigation, antitrust, acquisitions, trademarks, intellectual property, pharmaceutical products liability, banking, private equity, compliance and regulation, commercial litigation, M&A and financial fraud. She has managed large-scale eDiscovery and document productions, and excels in records management, technology and reviewer training. She has advised clients on the creation and implementation of defensible strategies to maximize data efficacy and minimize time and cost. She devoted her practice to efficient, cost-effective eDiscovery and document review services to Fortune 500 corporations. She is experienced in structuring projects involving all aspects of discovery, from custodian identification and retention to collection, processing, review and production litigation support. Katie has extensive experience with a variety of platforms, including Relativity, Ringtail, Viewpoint, Catalyst, Recommind, Autonomy, Amici, iConect, Concodance, Summation Pro, Equivio, LexisNexis, Servient, Stroz Friedberg, Clearwell, Access Data, Ipro and Case Notebook. She is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Italian. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Florida and a Juris Doctor from Pennsylvania State University. Katie’s areas of expertise include: Complex Review Management, Quality Procedures and Privilege.


Katie led a massive review for a national client. The case consisted of a quarter million documents for review within an eight-week timeframe. A major challenge posed to the firm was the complexity of the case, which consisted of over 100 tagging fields, 12 separate subject/content matters and rolling productions that included redactions. She managed this matter that contained over 173 attorneys and included three additional assistant project managers to control the workflow. These attorneys sat in the Chicago and Miami offices of Special Counsel’s Turnkey Legal Centers. This client employed the most stringent quality control process known in the eDiscovery industry. Documents reviewed by the contract attorneys were held to an accuracy standard created by the United States Military Quality Control Procedures for ensuring the quality on machine gun bullets. Any batches that fell under this US threshold of 97%-100% accuracy rate were sent back for re-review. Katie and her project management team were successful in implementing workflows to meet these quality standards and thresholds for this client. Special Counsel was able to coordinate and work with outside counsel to meet their quality control for all releases. This case consisted of rolling productions where the client was mandated by the court to release sets of documents to opposing counsel weekly. Katie was able to implement strategies to efficiently meet client objectives. In total the case consisted of 43 custodians with over 20 production releases. Katie ensured that her team met each deadline and each set passed the quality assurance thresholds. The success of this highly complex matter with many moving parts was in Katie’s ability to have the contract attorneys and Special Counsel’s staff of project managers create a workflow that was flexible to meet the changing dynamics of the case.

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