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Photo of Scott Guarcello - Project Manager of Special Counsel

Scott Guarcello

Project Manager

Expertise Antitrust Litigation, Banking Litigation, Database Administration, ESI Protocol Development, Healthcare, IT Infrastructure, Litigation Hold Drafting, Pharmaceutical, Project Management, Project Manager, Quality Control, Securities

Scott Guarcello Project Manager - Miami, FL

Scott Guarcello is a certified Special Counsel project manager, first joining Special Counsel’s project management team in 2012. He is a licensed attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar and a graduate of Florida International University’s College of Law. Over the last five years, Scott has held leadership roles in all facets of eDiscovery that span across a wide variety of practice areas. His knowledge base and skills cover issues related to early case assessment, ESI protocol development, litigation hold drafting, collection, processing, firm-wide IT infrastructure development, database administration, team management, budget tracking and projections, privilege reviews and logs, quality control and production management. Additionally, Scott is certified as a Viewpoint Review and Analytics Administrator. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Stetson University and, prior to becoming an attorney, served as an advocate of child welfare and mental health wellness. Scott’s industry experience includes: pharmaceutical (corporate integrity compliance monitoring, product liability, mergers & acquisitions second requests and patents), banking & finance (contracts), securities(insider trading), health care (insurance and contracts), transportation (antitrust), lodging (contracts), software (criminal investigation), online retail (criminal investigations) and energy (contracts).


Our client was served with third-party subpoenas by both the plaintiff and defendant to a dispute over the appraisal process, motives and fairness related to a property purchase between the parties. Accordingly, our client engaged Special Counsel’s Managed Review (MR) services to complete delivery of this non-party production within the discovery timeframes required. To that end, Special Counsel launched a MR that involved five attorneys and a project manager to review 18,200 documents with 3 weeks allotted for completion. In sum, the Special Counsel team worked collaboratively with outside counsel, PBWT and Special Counsel eQ, which offers hosting and processing services, to deliver a high-quality work product well ahead of schedule.

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