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Managed Solutions

Our Managed Solutions Make Projects More Manageable

Law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the country rely on our Managed Solutions for substantial cost savings, process improvements and winning results. Our dedicated project management team works with you to deliver the talent and the technology you need to meet your specific goals.

Managed Review

Protocol Development

  • The protocol is a critical guideline that provides substantive and coding instructions based on sources such as complaints, answers, production requests, historical company overviews and organizational charts.
  • A protocol usually covers substantive areas that might include relevance, privilege, confidentiality, and matter-specific issues.
  • The protocol might also include coding instructions that discuss "family rules," e.g., if one document in a family is relevant, all are relevant.
  • A concisely written protocol helps achieve quality and efficiency goals necessary to any managed review.

Build the Best Review Team for Your Project

As the nation's leader in legal staffing, we generally recruit and hire project attorneys with the requisite skill sets necessary to meet our clients' requirements for particular document review projects. We also provide all consultants on assignment with a project-specific Policies and Procedures document that establishes and clearly defines the expectations for each project.

Team size is determined by factors of data volume, timelines, case complexity, and review plan, e.g., a linear review versus Technology Assisted review. The team qualifications take into account both subject matter experience as well as review and review tool experience.

Special Counsel has access to the nation's leader in lawyers and paralegals experienced in document review.

If your project is hosted in our TurnKey Legal Centers, we can also supply needed resources for the training itself, such as conference rooms, audio-visual equipment and support, whiteboards, screens and other requested materials.

Successful Projects Depend on Effective Project Managers

Clients often ask us to staff document review projects with experienced project managers who will meet with them at the commencement of a project to establish review protocols and set up training for the general reviewer group. Our project managers ensure the reviewers understand the comprehensive nature of the matter and how the review fits into the discovery plan.

Depending on our clients' particular needs, our project managers also assist with defining reviewer calls (responsiveness, privilege, confidentiality, hot issues), answering reviewer questions, maintaining an issues log and FAQ and acronym lists and applying best practices to the review throughout the duration of the project.

They assist clients with developing quality control protocols, formatting privilege logs and maintaining review binders. These professionals receive in-depth, higher-level training or certification on the review tool and thereafter, take an active role in training the review team on the technology.


Manage Your Next Review From Anywhere

SightManager has changed the way firms and corporate legal departments supervise and collaborate with off-site document review teams. Without leaving their desks, supervisors can manage multiple projects securely and efficiently, interact with reviewers around the country and observe their work — even taking over their computers to assist, correct or provide additional instruction.

Bring the Review Right to Your Office

With SightManager, you can avoid the expense and headaches of supervising a remote team. And the quality assurance team, freed from needing to wait for document batches to be finished, can begin work immediately, saving you time and the costs associated with re-reviews. In addition, your access to top document review talent is not limited by geography, scheduling, or equipment; nor is the size of your review team limited by the physical dimensions of your project facilities.

SightManager's remarkable technology will deliver enormous cost savings for your projects, whether they are housed in one of our state-of-the-art turnkey legal centers or your office.

Real-Time Monitoring

With thumbnail and on-demand full-screen shots of each document reviewer's computer desktop, you have complete and instant access to monitor who is working and what they are working on, from any computer, anywhere. You can even work alongside reviewers in documents, as needed.

Reviewer Alerts

When you want to comment on a reviewer's work, or collaborate with them, they receive an alert that displays on their screen instantly. All reviewers are required to acknowledge receipt in order to continue working.

Productivity and Activity Reporting

SightManager's performance management and real-time metrics are the perfect complements to whichever electronic discovery platform you choose. Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow supervisors to generate reports on any reviewer activity, regardless of software application.

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