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Managed Services

Save money, save time and maximize benefits.

Through eQ, we offer the industry’s best managed services and tools, from technology assisted review (TAR) to managed review to SightManager. Our combination of talent and technology has helped law firms and corporate legal departments time and again.


Our Viewpoint toolset assists with document tagging and QC and allows transparency and validation of coding decisions. This enables you to refine results and correct any issues. Additionally, Viewpoint can provide insight into responsiveness probability across all documents.

Managed Review

Managed review starts with a protocol, which is critical to the entire process. Our protocols are instructions that are based on various sources and rules. And we strive to deliver a protocol that helps reach quality and efficiency goals.

As far as project management teams, we build talented teams with the right mix of experience and skill sets. We also provide each team with a thorough Policies and Procedures document that defines all expectations and goals.

And if you not only need talent for managed services, but also need resources such as conference rooms and audio-visual equipment, we offer our TurnKey Legal Centers.


If you require more flexibility—the flexibility of overseeing a project remotely and tapping into a talent pool in which geography is a non-issue—then SightManager is your answer. The platform offers real-time monitoring, reviewer alerts, productivity and activity reporting, all while expediting projects and saving money.

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