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Case Studies

Our legal expertise drives winning results

When it comes to winning cases, clients and prestige, expertise matters. Special counsel has it. Since 1987, our legal expertise has made the difference between winning and losing, between achievement and disappointment, and between success and failure time and time again for thousands of top law firms and corporate legal departments across the country. This track record of success has allowed us to strengthen our position as the undisputed legal staffing and solutions leader.

If you want to strengthen your position in the legal industry, we can help you generate winning results. Whether you need to connect with talented attorneys, paralegals or other legal professionals, to gain flexibility in your budget, or to complete a challenging Managed Review project, we have the expertise you need to ensure success. And you can feel confident in our ability to deliver because we’ve done it before and we know how to do it again. Read our case studies to see how we’ve put our expertise to work for our clients.

Case Study: Law Firm

Finding the perfect contract attorney leads to a trusted partnership

Our client needed attorney assistance with a complex case. We provided a contract attorney with litigation experience who excelled in the role and was offered a permanent position after the case concluded. We have placed nine attorneys since mid-2014.

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Case Study: Global Investment Corporation

Management of a multi-year series of Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities reviews

Over the course of several years, Special Counsel managed document review, production, privilege log, as well as review of the opposing party’s documents for a series of related cases with a combined database of over 3.5 million documents. We provided consistent, accurate deliverables and a trusted partnership.

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Case Study: Entertainment

M&A support and eDiscovery project management following a major acquisition

Our client, a major broadcasting company, was in the process of merging several acquired divisions and required contingent staff to assist with several projects. Our paralegals stepped in to do the job. The client also trusted our team to bring in new attorneys and oversee a managed review that was hosted by a competitor.

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Case Study: Global Shipping Services Provider

Qualified, adaptable professionals for fluctuating in-house legal support needs

Our client was struggling to locate contract attorneys and paralegals who met their requirements and fit within corporate culture. Special Counsel partnered with management to understand the desired skill sets and personalities. We were able to provide attorneys and paralegals who were a perfect fit for the client.

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Case Study: Information Governance at a Global Law Firm

Integrating Information Assets Following an Acquisition

In order to assist our client with the acquisition of a smaller firm, Special Counsel assembled an information governance team to audit, digitally convert and organize thousands of new legal documents.

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Case Study: Industrial Product Manufacturer

Delivering a qualified contract attorney with the right expertise in one business day

When their in-house attorney resigned, our client contacted us on a Friday afternoon to fill the gap as soon as possible. Special Counsel’s talented contract attorney was there and ready to work on Monday morning.

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Case Study: Law Firm

Skilled legal secretaries were sourced and provided to a growing law firm in a time of need

Due to many challenges that this law firm was experiencing while growing their start-up firm, Special Counsel was required to provide the firm with skilled legal secretaries. These candidates offered support in litigation and real estate areas, allowing the firm to flourish.

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Case Study: Commercial Carrier

An Extensive Managed Review Conducted On Time and Delivered More Than $1 Million Under Budget

To assist our client with overlapping cases regarding antitrust and breach-of-contract claims, Special Counsel delivered a winning solution for managing document review, production, privilege review and the privilege log.

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Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company

Conducting A Large, Complex Managed Review With An Intricate Quality Control Process

To help our client steer clear of an FDA investigation, Special Counsel assembled a team of 180 attorneys to review more than 250,000 complex documents.

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Case Study: Large Online University

Managing documents, redactions and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

In response to a federal regulatory defense matter, Special Counsel assembled a highly skilled team to redact and review 270,000 documents for privilege.

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Case Study: Leading Energy Company

Conducting a High-Volume, Fast-Paced Managed Review On Time and Under Budget

Special Counsel helped our client face a contentious regulatory proceeding by assembling a team to review 1 million highly complex and technical documents in less than 30 days.

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Case Study: Global Retail Company

Delivering a Managed Review With Big Savings And A Fast Turnaround

When two of our client’s largest competitors merged, Special Counsel assembled strategic review teams to address a FTC CID.

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