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Why do you need our guide?

Our 2018 Legal Salary Guide provides you with the most up-to-date legal salaries for attorneys and support personnel for your local market and the entire nation. In addition to this accurate salary data, it also includes the latest legal job descriptions and fresh industry insights.

Use this valuable resource as your foundation for hiring and retaining the legal professionals that your law firm or corporate legal department needs.

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What's in our Legal Salary Guide

  • Local Salary Data

    Access the latest salary data specific to your market.

  • Detailed Job Descriptions

    Know the roles and responsibilities of all types of legal professional.

  • Industry Insights

    Read about the latest legal workplace trends.

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How will you benefit?

  • Know the exact legal salaries needed to staff your team.
  • Be able to clearly define the roles of all your employees.
  • Equip your managers with hiring confidence and expertise.
  • Improve your 2018 staffing and workforce planning efforts.

“As rapidly as the legal industry changes—particularly with roles, responsibilities and technologies—it’s vital that we offer the right compensation and set the right expectations. Special Counsel’s Legal Salary Guide helps us accomplish just that.”

Law Firm Partner, Special Counsel Client

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As the pillar of strength in the legal community, our Legal Salary Guide helps you and your team negotiate from a position of strength—give your hiring and retaining efforts an advantage in 2018.

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