Find Success in Today’s
Legal Job Market

Law firms and corporate legal departments seek experienced legal professionals with business acumen and knowledge of technology. The supply of these professionals is struggling to meet the demand, but that could change.

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Diverse Legal Skills

Which conventional legal skills are in high demand, and which advanced skills are increasingly coveted?

Non-Legal Skills

From business management prowess to soft skills, what do law firms and in-house legal departments seek?

New Technology

As legal technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, how important is it to stay on the cutting edge?

Our white paper provides you critical insight on today's legal job market.

Understand the severity of the skills shortage.

Learn why diverse legal skill sets are so valuable.

Learn why business experience helps legal organizations.

Help bridge the gap between legal employers and professionals.

This paper really puts things in perspective. Multi-skilled legal professionals are a must and, with a fairly low supply, we need to ensure we promote education and development in our cultures."

Special Counsel Client