Corporate Legal Department Staffing: Trends For "The Era of the Chief Legal Officer"

In this era of the Chief Legal Officer, what staffing solution should you be implementing? Read the paper to find out.

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Current Legal Staffing Trends

Are your hiring strategies in line with the creation of a dynamic legal function?

The Era of the CLO

Are in-house legal positions, instead of those at big firms, the new dream destination for top legal professionals?

The Diversity Advantage

How can prioritizing diversity in outsourcing strategies, personnel, and staffing solutions elevate legal teams?

How will our white paper benefit legal organizations and professionals?

Gain understanding of the state of the current legal industry hiring landscape.

Find out what top legal functions are doing to encourage diversity practices and strategies.

Learn how to strike a balance between the use of internal and external resources.

Learn about cybersecurity specializations within the legal industry.

"In-house legal departments in the United States now rival large law firms as a destination of choice for talented lawyers."

Harvard Law School Professor David Wilkins