SCI-blog-friday-roundup-imageNation’s First Twitter Defamation (“Twibel”) Trial
An unflattering tweet by Courtney Love now has the rock celebrity being tried for defamation. (Love tweeted that her onetime lawyer had been “bought off” in dropping an action against the estate of her former husband, Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.) Although other Twitter libel cases have been filed, Gordon & Holmes v. Love is the first “Twibel” case to appear before a trial court, a Poynter Institute article reports.
Source: ABA Journal | Courtney Love testifies at first US ‘Twibel’ trial

When Legal Pros Get Social Media Wrong
Don’t think “marketing;” think “social.” That’s the essence of the social media advice for attorneys in this post from the Lawyerist blog. (Nota Bene: Worth reading just to see the Twitter posts of an unfortunate Boston attorney singled out as an example of how not to use social media.)
Source: Lawyerist | The Mistakes Lawyers Make with Social Media

Web Plays Major Role In Choice Of Attorneys
In seeking an attorney, more than 75 percent of consumers now use the web for at least a portion of their research.* (If you’re a “digital native” you may well expect this number to significantly higher.) With mobile phones, social media and search engines now playing such a significant role in the marketing of legal services, why not make a point of maximizing your organization’s online presence — and your own — in 2014?
*Survey conducted by The Research Intelligence Group (2012)
Source: LawMarketing Blog | Most Consumers Go Online…

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