Predictive coding is one method of gaining control over the expanding universe of data. By reducing the volume of data requiring attorney review, predictive coding offers the promise of significant cost savings where expenditures are at their highest (i.e., review).

This whitepaper includes a close look at four cases where predictive coding software was used with successful outcomes:

  • Case 1: “The Document Dump”A large volume, incoming production
  • Case 2: “A Merger at Risk-When Speed Matters” A large volume, limited time, second request
  • Case 3: “High Cost/Low Merits” Potentially high discovery costs and low merits
  • Case 4: “The Pressure Cooker” A discovery scope expansion with no change in production deadline


These case studies not only tell the story of cost savings, but also the strategic value of getting to key data faster.

Download the Whitepaper: Predictive Coding in Practice: Four Success Stories