The panel explores ethical duties of counsel to understand clients’ use of technology, to find the right ESI, and to negotiate scope effectively.

Duration: 1 hour


A competent litigator will solve problems, investigate facts, research law, negotiate effectively, and win when it’s important. Does that litigator have the skills to navigate the ethics minefield of electronic discovery?

In every aspect of relationships with client, Court and opposing counsel, eDiscovery triggers ethical obligations. How do best practices in eDiscovery make it easy to exercise the requisite diligence and professional responsibility?

Panelists discuss attorneys’ ethical obligation to understand their client’s use of technology, as it relates to investigation, preservation, and analysis of data during discovery.

Watch this webinar to explore the ethics considerations of the following:

  • Competence to identify and filter the right information
  • Negotiating a proportionate scope of discovery
  • Supervision of lawyers, vendors, and staff
  • Using technology to manage costs
  • Balancing fairness with “zealous advocacy”

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