This post was co-authored by Tom Groom and Peter Coons.

Cloud computing continues to expand at a rapid pace; businesses use the ubiquitous “cloud” for everything from communication to collaboration, accounting and document storage. Regardless of the size of the organization, cloud computing provides its users significant cost savings and improved workflows.

Though the ease of cloud computing cannot be denied, there are significant ramifications for legal teams; how is Electronically Stored Information stored? When discovery is required, where do you even start?

This eBook discusses how counsel can apply traditional methods of custodian interviews and proper documentation to data that is stored in the cloud, ensuring that relevant ESI is both preserved and able to be collected.

Download this eBook to learn the following about cloud-based ESI:

  • Who to interview and what to ask in order to identify where potentially relevant ESI is stored
  • How to ensure preservation when a legal hold has been issued
  • How to conduct a defensible data collection from the cloud