Healthcare providers regularly face an onslaught of eDiscovery requests from cases of all types. The sheer size, importance, and globalization of the healthcare industry makes it imperative to study how healthcare ESI may best be approached. Many forms of healthcare data are proprietary or unique to the sector. They pose challenges to legal teams in identification, collection, analysis, review, and format of production.

This white paper addresses the following eDiscovery challenges for legal teams in the healthcare industry:

  • Legal professionals need to keep pace with new healthcare technologies and the idiomatic language of healthcare data
  • Legal teams must develop an inquiry as to what kinds of ESI and metadata are needed for what particular evidentiary purpose, and to have the ability to explore that data in context
  • In the superheated world of healthcare mergers and acquisitions, there are key considerations to data integration, legal hold, and legacy systems
  • Given the massive volumes of PHI (personal health information), eDiscovery teams must determine how to manage HIPAA concerns and security