Everyone who’s been involved with a Relativity review has either used, or at the very least heard of batch review. But, what does that mean and how does it affect you as a reviewer? Batching is a great way to organize and split up a data set amongst multiple reviewers. It allows a team of reviewers to conquer and divide while tracking the overall progress of the review. The individual batch sets ensure that reviewers aren’t overlapping each other while providing a very specific set of documents for that particular individual to review. For this walkthrough we’re going to cover the basics of checking out a batch set within Relativity as well as utilizing some key views.

Checking Out and Viewing Batch Sets

When first logging into Relativity you’ll often not see any documents, which is intentional. In order to view documents and begin coding you’ll need to select a View.

You can select the All Documents View, which will show all the documents available to you, however, if you’re focused on batch review, you’ll want to use the batch specific Views.

If you’ve already been assigned a batch set, this View will display the documents that you can begin coding, however, if you don’t see any documents you’ll need to check out a batch. To do so, navigate to the Batches Tab.

Review the available unassigned Batches and select Edit on an available Batch.

Then, check out the selected Batch.

Once you have an In Progress Batch assigned to you, navigate back to the Documents Tab and select the applicable My Checked Out Batches Tab.

This View will return just the documents in the Batch you just assigned yourself allowing you to focus your review.

As begin to make coding decisions, you can utilize the Not Reviewed View. This will return only the records where a coding decision still needs to be made.

Once you’ve completed reviewing the records in your Batch, navigate back to the Batches Tab, select Edit on that Batch and click Check In As Completed.

After completing the Batch, you’ll be allowed to check out another Batch for Review. The Batches Tab also helps keep track of your overall progress for that current Batch.

If for some reason you’re unable to finish or accidentally Checked Out an incorrect Batch, you click Edit on that Batch and select Check In As Pending. This will make this Batch available to others to pick up.

Helpful Hints

Be sure to let your team know which field you’re utilizing to denote if a record has been reviewed. For example, by default we’ll utilize Primary Determination for first pass review to track the records that have been reviewed. However, we can configure this to your team’s particular needs.

If your team is utilizing Email Threading to set up the batches, the corresponding batch Views are a little different. Be sure to use the My Checked Out Emails and My Checked Out Emails (Not Reviewed).