Special Counsel Introduces Sight Manager™: Industry-Leading Technology to Revolutionize Document Review Management

July 19, 2010

Jacksonville, FL (July 19, 2010) – Special Counsel, the nation’s leading legal staffing and document review provider, today introduced SightManager™, a new, proprietary technology that provides legal document review managers with unparalleled, real-time visibility into the performance, efficiency and productivity of their projects.

SightManager allows law firms and legal departments to visually monitor the work product of every person working on a document review, regardless of the physical locations of the supervising lawyers, the document review facilities, or the document reviewers. Supervising project attorneys acquire “over the shoulder” access to the machines on which document reviewers are working, whether they are sitting across the room or across the country. SightManager’s performance management and real-time metrics serve as perfect complements to whichever electronic discovery platform clients choose.

“By introducing SightManager into the marketplace, Special Counsel has revolutionized the way legal document reviews can be conducted and managed,” said John Marshall, president of Special Counsel. “Until now, document reviews have been constrained in terms of team size and geographic location because of performance management and document security concerns. SightManager removes these constraints and provides the industry’s only tool for immediate, on-going access to each document reviewer’s work product. Document review project leaders can now consider and make decisions regarding relevance, privilege or any other aspect of a document under review in real time and with just one mouse click, regardless of the number or location of document reviewers.”

Key SightManager features include:

Real-Time Performance and Productivity Management: Client team leaders and project managers can compare individual and team productivity to established production norms on a real-time basis, as well as track other performance indicators such as web sites visited, and time spent on particular applications and activities.

Expense Containment: SightManager reduces the overall expense of a document review through improved individual and team performance management. In addition, because document reviews will no longer be tied to one particular geographic location, clients will be able to take advantage of a wide range of cost-effective locations not traditionally used for large document reviews.

Complete Confidentiality: SightManager's multi-layered security features allow document reviewers to work from any location approved by the client without concern that confidential documents might be compromised.