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The right data analysis methods can make all the difference. But with data volumes expanding at dizzying rates, it’s not only difficult to manage your data, but also to make a business use case. At EQ, we will provide you with data analytics consulting that enables you to better manage information, make effective decisions, and mitigate risks.

With us as your data partner, you’ll get access to:

Database Administration

Our consultants take the time to understand your unique needs in order to tailor the perfect solution. That solution could be a better process to manage, analyze and optimize database performance. We also offer everything from robust reporting to automated routine monitoring and maintenance tasks. The results are seamless, streamlined projects built around quantitative data analysis.

Data Engineering and Warehousing

Organizations seldom have one unified system across the enterprise; it’s more likely that there is a variety of data hosted on multiple platforms. Maybe this is the case with your organization, or maybe it’s not so clear. Either way, we have accomplished consultants who can consolidate disparate data sources, normalize data points, build centralized repositories, and analyze large volumes of information so that you can rely on better business intelligence.

Textual Analytics

Do you have legacy document repositories containing old data rife with duplication and little to no relevance? Don’t tackle this cleanup project alone. Our textual analytics consultants will help you organize text-based documents by thematic meaning, identify trends, and eliminate redundancy. We even use sophisticated data analysis software and machine learning to manage your content and email correspondence, saving you valuable storage space in the process.

Data Visualization

When it comes to data analysis methods, sometimes visuals say more than words. Through data visualization, we can help your data come to life, empowering you to identify connections between data points, analyze trends by data source category, and communicate information in visual form. This way, it’s easier for you to gain in-depth insight into complex decisions.

Our Legal Consulting Services

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