IT & Cyber Security Consulting

Work with our legal consulting specialists to build a powerful IT infrastructure and do everything you can to protect your critical data. Because with no IT glitches and no data breaches, you and your staff can focus on all the other legal matters on your plate.

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Data Analysis Consulting Services

Partner with data experts that will put in the time-consuming effort to sift through critical data, draw conclusions, and make effective business cases from it. But don't wait — you're accumulating more data by the day.

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Information Governance Services

Delivering superior data and information governance means providing you with the best human and technological resources. It also means you enjoy a more efficient, organized structure and remain in full compliance.

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Litigation & Trial Consultants

Alleviate the sharp pressure that accompanies every case and trial by relying on our legal consultants to help you prepare arguments and themes, select jurors, and make adjustments along the way. Then we'll work together to continue to win, again and again.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

Get the partner you need to mitigate your M&A risks and uncover the opportunities. Our expert legal consultants will deliver objective analysis to help you make difficult decisions and effectively bring two entities together.

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Contract Negotiation & Legal Outsourcing Services

You know how time consuming and mentally taxing contracts can be. So, why tackle them on your own? It's always helpful to have a second set of eyes, especially when those eyes see through an extra careful and objective lens.

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Managed Document Review Services

Managed document review can be tedious. But it's also essential to a winning case. Partner with our legal consultation specialists for a process that ensures you get greater analytics, quality control, operational efficiencies and cost containment.

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RelativityOne eDiscovery Software & Services

Scale your services and deliver to your clients. With RelativityOne, you’ll gain access to the most powerful, widely adopted and flexible eDiscovery solution on the market.

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Your RelativityOne eDiscovery Partner

We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a RelativityOne partner. See what we bring to the table. See why, with Special Counsel, you get a true partner.

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