The address of the office is:

D4 (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,
Room C318, Building 1, City Concept , No. 619, Longchang Road, Yangpu District,
Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 5508 8359

Mr. Tom Groom, President, Greater China, D4 (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

D4 is the world's leading provider of data services, focused on providing quality managed data and e-discovery services to law firms and businesses. As early as 2011, D4 was the first in the industry to propose a complete electronic discovery management service solution. The company has an advanced data center and global operating system, complemented by its worldwide electronic discovery and litigation support offices.

D4 is able to provide a full range of services and build an advanced information infrastructure locally to support litigation, investigation, compliance and other legal matters on a global scale. The company's experienced staff, extensive experience and innovative technology make it a world-class performance.

Private cloud, data center and infrastructure

D4's Shanghai data center is operated by Equinx. Equinix operates four data centers and one disaster recovery center in Shanghai. Equinix's Shanghai data center occupies a four-storey exclusive building in Yangpu District, adjacent to the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and the northern part of the Bund. This center is one of many advanced IBX centers. These centers are located in the core metropolitan area of ​​Asia Pacific and offer advanced hosting and Smart HandsTM services.

D4 (USA) operates a commercial-grade data center in Rochester, New York, which is SOC 2 certified and meets Level 3 advanced standards. This hosted and data center facility covers 1,000 square feet and meets SSAE16 audit requirements, designed to take into account the technology and security needs of the enterprise.

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Experience and leadership

Our team includes litigation support staff and e-discovery experts who have been in the legal technology industry for decades. Employees are the company's most important asset, and we are actually people-oriented. D4 employees are committed to the “all-out” vision, which gives customers confidence and peace of mind.

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Customer-centric approach

Customers want a reliable, timely and high quality experience, and we are working hard to surpass this experience. To this end, we provide excellent service and strive to achieve customer expectations at every step.

our business partner

D4 works with the best and smartest partners in the industry to help ensure your success. Together with these leading companies and D4 employees, you will be well-versed and successful in your projects or cases.

  • kCura Relativity® - D4 is its premium hosting partner, Golden Orange Best Service Partner and Relativity® Distributor
  • Microsoft®-Office 365® - D4 is its advanced eDiscovery partner

Our coverage/location

D4's local service can meet your international experience needs. The locations of D4 overseas institutions include Shanghai and Hong Kong, China, and will soon open overseas institutions in more places. Our US offices span the East and West coasts: Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lincoln, Nebraska New York City, Omaha, Nebraska, Orlando, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, Rochester, NY, San Diego, California, and Tampa, Florida.


D4 was named the fastest growing private company in the United States in the prestigious Inc. magazine and won the Inc.500/5000 award for 5 consecutive years. In addition, D4 won the Relativity® Best Golden Orange Award five times.

company culture

D4 has created a culture of “going all out and keeping improving”, which has penetrated the entire organization. We are not only a company, we are a family. We know that if employees are happy and efficient, then customers will be happy and will succeed.

Main Business

As a partner in your managed data and discovery services, our job is to collect, correlate, protect and retain your valuable data and help organize it into useful information.

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Electronic discovery

  • ESI Data Security
  • data processing
  • Document hosting
  • Document review
  • Discovery production

Forensics and collection

  • data collection
  • Business survey
  • Computer forensics
  • Expert testimony

Information governance and security

  • Litigation preparation
  • Data correction
  • Data retention consultation
  • Cost Control

Litigation support and e-discovery consulting

  • Discovery and litigation support consulting services provided by data experts

Predictive correlation coding

  • Predictive correlation coding
  • data analysis
  • Content cluster

Software and training

  • Training and access to the latest litigation support software

Technology-enhanced testimonial solution

  • Trial report
  • Digital testimony
  • Testimony analysis

Our full-service management services are tailored to each client and can be fully expanded – regardless of the size of the requirements, the D4 team members you need will be with you. This is the most efficient way to approach litigation support and e-discovery services. This is also the most effective way.

Our full-scale control services are designed to:

  • Minimize fixed investment
  • Evading technology elimination
  • Flexible expansion to meet the needs of large or small, any level
  • Seamlessly connect industry-leading solutions and experts

On-premises (behind the customer firewall)

If the customer wants to have the software (or at least the review tool) inside the facility and behind the firewall, we will provide the software, implementation services, training services, and ongoing support.

Booking service agreement (integrated model)

D4's subscription service agreement allows you to outsource litigation support as much as possible. This gives you access to the latest and most advanced technologies, people, and infrastructure, including: data reduction, processing, analysis, predictive coding, data storage, project management, and hosted review in selected software applications.

DIY-Service Architecture (IaaS)

This solution applies to law firms and businesses that have litigation support staff and the required experience, but want to perform their own loading, processing, and production functions. With D4 DIY, you can access our software and hardware in the cloud and access D4's technical resources when needed.

Managed seat (micro cloud-based booking protocol)

This solution is primarily for small businesses. These companies want to use access software (including Relativity® or Viewpoint®) to handle large or ongoing transactions or to replace Concordance or Summation without the experience, infrastructure, or budget for independent software purchases. The solution is extremely flexible: you can have only one seat at the beginning and then gradually add more seats.

OLitSupport (outsourcing litigation support specialist)

Our OLitSupport solution can be used under a remote server or on-premises. D4 will consult, be a supplement to your company's team, or be a litigation support unit based on contract, short-term or on demand.