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Data Collections and Forensic Analysis

These days, potential data evidence can be found on mobile devices, desktop computers, in the cloud and, sometimes, halfway around the world. Fortunately, wherever it is, it can be found by our certified technicians—they’re experts in all forms of forensic data collection and gathering data according to industry standards. They also have the skills and know-how to provide you with the strongest defensible position.

Data Recovery

Text messages, emails and files are deleted every day, but if that day happens to be during a legal hold that data could be key evidence in a case. Partner with our expert technicians to recover and extract deleted data—data that, in less experienced hands, could be gone forever.

Expert Testimony and Consulting

As you know, judges often appoint neutral, third party experts to assist in handling and interpreting digital data. But did you know that we can provide protocols to handle privileged or confidential material between parties? In sensitive cases, we can even provide expert testimony. In fact, our team of seasoned experts has testified in federal courts across the country and in several high-profile cases.

Data Preservation

When litigation has been filed or an internal investigation is needed, it is critical to properly collect and store electronic data so it is admissible and defensible. In fact, improper data preservation can result in sanctions and other consequences.

Given the tremendous volumes, sources and types of data potentially involved, preserving it is becoming more and more challenging. Our team of experts is up for the challenge. Let them assist you in properly preserving your data, and work with you to choose the right tools and processes to ensure all relevant data is collected and remains intact.

Mobile Device Collection

When you need to properly prepare mobile device evidence for import into kCura Relativity, IPRO Eclipse, or any other review platform that accepts standard load files, D4 DiscoverMobile is the right application for you. Use it to enable your legal and investigation teams to search, review, and produce mobile device evidence alongside traditional forms of ESI.

Our Technology & eDiscovery Services

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