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You know that information systems serve a critical role in businesses across the globe, including your own. Without innovative, secure and reliable technical solutions, your organization could lose its competitive edge. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen—by partnering to create customized IT and cybersecurity advisory and outsourcing solutions. Solutions that are flexible enough to grow with your needs—we won’t just set it and forget it; we’ll stick with you for the long term. This is a true partnership.

Data Breach Review and Notification

Unfortunately, data breach is a growing concern for any company that hosts sensitive, confidential, or otherwise protected data or personal information. You may have even experienced a security breach of your own, or at least had a serious scare. We’ve heard enough of these stories, so we decided to formalize a breach review. Ideally, with the proper security, you’ll never need it. But if you do, our data breach review workflows will help you react accordingly and notify all affected parties.

Performing the physical review of documents and data sources to identify and compile a list of individuals to be notified of a data breach can be time consuming, logistically challenging, and costly. The information within the breached population is often buried within unstructured data sets or attached to emails that must be identified, verified, and formatted into a standardized format that can be used by notification vendors and breach counsel.

Our team of experienced data breach experts has developed custom workflows to find, capture, and report on the exposed PII and/or PHI in the most efficient way to ultimately save time and money. Our workflow is broken down into the following 3 categories:

  • Analysis

    Data is securely transferred to our team by a breach coach or a forensics provider. The raw data is converted, de-duplicated, and loaded into a fully customized Relativity workspace. The data is further culled through a combination of search terms and a variety of analytic engines.

  • Attorney Review

    The surviving records are presented to a managed team of reviewers in one of our more than 30 secure review facilities located throughout the world. Our teams in these facilities specialize in data breach review. They remove any remaining false positive, capture the contact information for the impacted individual(s), and categorize the PII/PHI type found in a customized entity database.

  • Data Normalization & Report Generation

    Our technical analyst team cleans up the list of extracted entities to suppress duplicates and roll up the categorization tagging for said entities. All remaining entities are exported to a series of interactive reports that provide state-level summary information for breach counsel and a single click mail-merge import file for use by the notification vendor.

Management Consulting and Strategy

Partner with expert consultants for tailored advisory solutions—experts who will ensure your information technology practices are sound and in accordance with modern practices. Then stay focused on your day-to-day responsibilities.


When it comes to data analysis methods, sometimes visuals say more than words. Through data visualization, we can help your data come to life, empowering you to identify connections between data points, analyze trends by data source category, and communicate information in visual form. This way, it’s easier for you to gain in-depth insight into complex decisions.

Data Engineering

Get advanced architecture and engineering services such as data normalization, data processing and custom reporting to ensure everything about your data is organized, structured and sound.

Sourcing Strategy and Solutions

Whether it’s insourcing or outsourcing, we guide you through the selection and identification process, as well as provide implementation and performance monitoring.

Our Legal Consulting Services

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