Litigation & Trial Consultants

What does litigation mean to you and your team? Well, first of all, it probably means a lot of pre-trial pressure. But our commercial litigation specialists can alleviate that pressure—through tailored trial consulting solutions at every stage of your case. Solutions that are designed to build the strongest case and maximize the odds of a favorable outcome.

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Our litigation consulting experts will work seamlessly alongside your attorneys, support staff and witnesses to provide valuable input and research. As early as case intake, we assist with theme development, prepare witnesses to testify in depositions and trial, and conduct mock trials. And as jury consultants, we prepare juror questionnaires and assist counsel with selection. Just think of us an extension of your team.

Then, throughout the trial, we ensure the theme is being communicated to the jury. Our trial consultants even draft opening statements and closing arguments, conduct juror research, and impanel “shadow” juries to offer constructive feedback on arguments. And, of course, we help you adjust and pivot as the case evolves.

And when a case is complete, our trial consultants—along with your team—conduct post-verdict interviews to better understand which elements of the argument were most and least effective. This provides valuable insight for appeals, as well as pending commercial litigation in similar matters. We always take a flexible approach that is tailored to each case, timeline and budget.

Our pre-trial consultants deliver solutions such as:

  • Developing and testing themes and strategies through surveys, studies, focus groups and mock trials
  • Working with witnesses to identify various communication barriers and psychological challenges
  • Helping witnesses understand the ins and outs of the case
  • Assisting attorneys with the development and wording of arguments

During the trial, our trial consultants provide solutions that include:

  • Preparing juror questionnaires, drafting voir dire questions, and assisting counsel with jury selection
  • Providing trial observation and daily feedback to counsel
  • Making necessary adjustments to arguments and testimony as the case develops

Here’s what we provide after trial:

  • Regardless of outcome, we assess strategies in order to maximize effectiveness of future strategies
  • Interviewing jurors, asking them which parts of the theme resonated and which did not
  • Helping prepare for appeal if necessary

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