Technology & eDiscovery in Washington DC, District of Columbia

Managed Services—When top law firms and legal departments in Washington, DC need to outsource their eDiscovery and litigation support responsibilities, they turn to us for scalable, cost-effective solutions and the most advanced eDiscovery technology and software.

Artificial Intelligence—Put our cost-efficient AI solutions to work for you to quickly find and organize your most critical data, remove redundancies, and optimize your processes.

Software & Training—Our advanced technology team knows all there is to know about the latest legal software solutions. They can help you choose what’s right for you and train your team on how to use it.

Office 365—Our Office 365 eDiscovery team here in Washington, DC helps clients leverage this valuable tool to quickly find data, save time and costs, and achieve optimal results.

Forensics & Collections—Our in-house forensics group can help you find, collect, analyze and protect your critical data. They also have experience providing expert testimony in many federal cases.

Hosted Services—We’re experts in some of the most powerful hosting tools and resources in the legal industry—Ipro, Lateral Data, LexisNexis, Evolution and more. And, of course, we’re a Relativity One Certified Partner (ROCP).

Paper Operations—We have experts right here in Washington, DC who specialize in the management, review and storage of paper documents as part of the discovery process.

International eDiscovery—Many of our Washington, DC clients work on cases that take them outside the US. We have specialists with extensive knowledge of the many international data protection and privacy laws, plus we have an extensive network of foreign language attorneys and legal support professionals.

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