Managed Document Review Services

For your next document review or eDiscovery project, why not partner with the leaders in the space? We have the specialists, the workspace and the technology to make a positive difference on your next project.

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Partner with a team that has managed document reviews and performed eDiscovery for many noteworthy organizations and some of the largest and most complicated cases in history. Partner with someone who can take your project from document collection to production in a cost-effective, operationally efficient process. Partner with us—we’ve done this time and time again, and are fully prepared to do it again with you.

Our managed document review solutions include the following:

  • Consistent quality control, reporting and risk management procedures
  • Analytics at each stage of the discovery process to accelerate response and save money
  • Unique data and document review protocols that focus on cost efficiency
  • Custom workflows to assess review quality and reduce review time
  • Development of a repeatable and consistent quality control process

During your organization’s managed document review—regardless of the volume of data and/or your litigation budget—we use a myriad of secure, cloud-based technologies to ensure the review is fast, meticulous and organized. And our solutions are always transparent—so you’re just as aware of the ins and outs as we are.

In addition to our managed document review features and benefits, you can also access solutions such as:

  • Predictive coding
  • Blackout redaction in relativity
  • Document management system

Our Clients Commitment

When you partner with us, you can rely on us to consistently do the following:

  • Maintain the confidentiality your data using industry best practices
  • Thoroughly screen all personnel and verify professional credentials prior to assignment
  • Educate all personnel on data security, privacy, and confidentiality best practices
  • Ensure your team is on task and safe from malware by filtering unsafe and unproductive resources while using the internet
  • Securely store your data in SSAE 18 SOC 2 certified facilities and datacenters and permanently remove your data from our systems upon completion of your project

Delivery Centers

Facing space and resource limitations? Move it to one of our 30 Delivery Centers. These state-of-the-art facilities are located throughout the world and provide you with a scalable and comfortable work environment. You’ll have access to the workspace, technology and the expertise you need for a successful—and cost-effective—review and outsourced services.

For more information about moving or outsourcing your next solution to a Delivery Center, please check out our locations here.

Our Legal Consulting Services

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