Contract Negotiation & Legal Outsourcing Services

At EQ, we are market leaders in legal outsourcing. Our simple outsourcing solutions give you your day back. Let us take the on the work you avoid—document review, red-lining, word processing, foreign language work, subpoena processing, NDA drafting, due diligence— and move it off site at a fraction of the cost.

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With the ever-increasing regulatory environment and exacting high stakes demands required by modern civil litigation, the costs to provide legal services are rising worldwide. Flat demand for legal services, new technology, new market entrants, and more efficient competition has resulted in downward price pressure industry wide. At EQ Outsourcing, we have the experience to help you navigate this new world, and bring your organization into the new phase of legal solutions.

Our worldwide reach and subject area expertise has helped clients of all sizes achieve economies of scale. But our true strength comes in our ability to build custom solutions. Right from the initial scoping call, one of our Project Managers will be involved in the solution, making sure you get exactly the services you need.

Partner with us for outsourcing solutions that include:

  • Project Management
  • Budget Management and Metric Tracking
  • Affordable Worldwide Labor
  • Repeatable Services
    • Subpoena processing
    • NDA drafting
    • M&A Due Diligence
    • Foreign Language Contract Work
  • Contract Process Management

Our Legal Consulting Services

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