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Your partnership with our team of experts in scanning and paper discovery solutions starts with a conversation to define the specific guidelines for your project. Then, using our data-capture software, coders enter data following those guidelines, while supervisors monitor workflow and ensure qualitative and quantitative goals are being met. This team receives regular training updates on the latest coding standards and specifications, so they’re always up to speed and fully prepared to handle your assignment. Plus, throughout the project, you’ll receive consistent communication from our supervisors and your account manager to ensure everything moves efficiently as possible.

Our teams typically code from paper copy originals, image blowbacks, and the images themselves. During standard coding, objective or bibliographic data fields typically include document date, title, and doctype, as well as author, addressee, and copy information, and sometimes the physical characteristics of the document itself.

Give your paper documents the same careful attention you give all your data. Talk to us today about how our experts can help—start by contacting one of our paper production centers to discuss the specifics of your project.

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