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Partner with Special Counsel to take full advantage of the most powerful and flexible eDiscovery software platform on the market.

With well-supported software from the leading eDiscovery solution, delays are a thing of the past – even during peak times. The RelativityOne software platform is the most powerful, widely adopted and flexible eDiscovery solution on the market. With automatic upgrades and access to the scalability of the cloud, it is the one-stop solution for future-proofing the modern litigation support practice.

RelativityOne Data Migration Services

Special Counsel Data Migration Services ensures a smooth transition from your current platform to RelativityOne. Special Counsel has RelativityOne in the US, UK and Australia and we can also migrate directly to your instance of RelativityOne — your choice. Our experience and expertise help you avoid migration pitfalls and minimizes downtime. Whether you are migrating from Relativity Server or another eDiscovery platform, we can help your organization successfully land on the industry-leading RelativityOne platform.

Whether the project calls for a full backup of a workspace via the ARM process or a two-step method required of large cases with mass migrations, our experts can handle the export and restoration of data regardless of scale. Our infrastructure team is trained to run a differential analysis on original data stores to evaluate a firm’s workspaces and data to determine the proper jurisdiction for each component.

Data Migration Services:

  • Migration planning: Design a transition plan specific to your requirements including security and risk assessment, template design along with milestones and deliverables.
  • Workspace migration: Detailed planning and inventory checks are conducted to ensure a seamless transfer to RelativityOne. A confirmation review is conducted at the conclusion to confirm the migration is certified complete.
  • Relativity Application Migration: Custom application and script workflows are maintained and optimized for RelativityOne.
  • Handling Exceptions: Exceptions may be present and when they occur, our technical expertise ensures unforeseen challenges are quickly remedied for migration completion.
  • Third Party Migration: Summation, Concordance, IPRO, Everlaw, Ringtail and many other platforms can be migrated to RelativityOne. As a leading Managed Review provider, we’ve seen it all.
  • Training: Once you are migrated to RelativityOne, take advantage of Training Solutions to ensure your team takes full advantage of the AERO interface and RelativityOne platform.

Forensic Collection and Analysis

Benefit from our forensics and collections experts, who have engineered formal protocols to identify, preserve and/or harvest only relevant data, always in a defensible and documented manner, for tens of thousands of clients since 2008. Our team is formally trained in the latest forensic techniques and collection procedures and are skilled at identifying potentially responsive electronically stored information (ESI) within client computing environments, including in standard operating systems, devices and storage locations, as well as complex structured and proprietary database systems. And we have a dedicated team of in-house developers focused solely on extending the functionality of Relativity.

Our professionals are skilled in assisting clients with a wide variety of computer forensic and collection matters, including but not limited to:

  • Search and recovery of deleted files and file fragments
  • Search for potential evidence of unauthorized or improper use
  • Search for evidence of intellectual property theft
  • Search for evidence of fraud or other unlawful or prohibited conduct or breach of human resources (HR) or other procedures
  • Search for evidence of intentional destruction, alteration or spoliation of evidence
  • Expert opinions, expert reports, and preparation and delivery of oral or written testimony
  • Chain of custody workflow
  • Remote collection procedures
  • Ensuring integrity of data and metadata
  • Analytics and review

Depth of Experience

We have an entire department dedicated to each phase of the discovery lifecycle staffed by full time employees that have logged thousands of hours working on active matters for hundreds of law firm clients. That means over 100 permanent employees (including RelativityOne Certified Pros, Relativity Certified Administrators, and Relativity Experts) are dedicated to the various phases of the data discovery lifecycle from forensics through to the review.

Our teams are capable of covering the following:

  • Project Implementation and Engagement Support
  • Technical Support
  • Data Loading
  • Data Staging
  • User Credentialing
  • Support & Consulting
  • Database Administration and Training
  • Advanced Database and Administration
  • Hosted Application Scripting and Training
  • Data Analysis and Support
  • Exporting Data from Hosted Application
  • Custom Case Disposition
  • Custom Tracking Logs
  • Production Conflict and Image Check
  • Custom Case Disposition
  • Custom Tracking Logs
  • Production Conflict and Image Check
  • Prepare and Export Production

  • Client Directed Rework

  • Production Recreation

  • Specification Revision

  • Discovery Engineering

  • Data Collection

  • Basic Data Reduction

  • Secondary Data Reduction

  • Processing for Native File Review

  • Processing for Production or Image File Review
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Hosting for Review
  • User Licensing and End-User Training

  • Advanced Analytics or Predictive Coding

  • Production Services

  • Paper Document Services

  • Computer Forensic Examination

  • Attorney Review Project Management


With RelativityOne, we offer structured web-based and onsite training courses which can be completely customized to meet specific client needs. From basic first-time end-user reviewer training to advanced classroom training power-user options, we offer end-to-end education for the RelativityOne platform. Our training offerings cover the following topics:

  • Transferring of Data
  • Incoming Data & Staging
  • Analysis of Inventory Reports
  • Early Data Analysis
  • Analysis vs Analytics
  • Pre-Review Analysis
  • Data Deliverables & Delivery Process
  • Data Processing Workflow
  • Relativity Processing
  • Relativity – Optimizing the Relativity Experience
  • Database Administration
  • Matters, Workspaces, Users, Groups, Object Security
  • Fields, Choices, Layouts, Views
  • Search Terms Reports and Persistent Highlights
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Searching Best Practices
  • Pre-Production
  • Running Productions
  • Imports/Exports using the Relativity Desktop Client (RDC)
  • Relativity Analytics
  • Structured Analytics Overview
  • Content Analytics Overview
  • Building and Administering Analytics
  • An in-depth look at cluster visualization
  • Relativity NEW User Interface (UI)
  • Navigation & Searching in the New UI
  • Analysis tools in the New UI
  • Event Handlers
  • Scripts
  • Applications
  • Setting Up / Customization of dtSearch indexes & best practices

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