Many organizations had to make radical shifts in the way they do business during 2020, but which of those changes remain and how will businesses continue to optimize their workforce as we head into the new year?

We surveyed 1,150+ hiring decision makers across a variety of industries in the US to find out how their hiring and compensation plans will change, as well as what adjustments they’re making to their workforce – which departments will increase headcount? What skillsets are now the most valuable? How have bonuses and merit increases been impacted?

Some Topics You'll See Covered In Our Employment Trends Survey Include:

  • Most common cost-savings initiatives
  • Staffing augmentation or departmental downsizing
  • Increased need for new or essential skill sets
  • Interview and hiring process changes
  • Need for contingent labor, consultants, or other contract employees
  • Compensation changes including merit increases, sign-on bonuses, annual bonuses, etc.
  • Workforce adjustments in scheduling, remote working opportunities, and upskilling

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