Learn why law firms are prone to cybercrime.

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Understanding and mitigating cybersecurity threats to legal departments

Recently, the FBI assembled 200 top law firms in New York City to alert them to a new trend – increased instances of cybercrimes against law firms. A short time after, the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct formally recognized that all lawyers have an obligation to keep abreast of the benefits and risks associated with Internet safety and data security.

Clearly, cybercrime represents a serious threat to all members of the legal community, and cybersecurity needs to be a priority. Our new white paper can show you how to protect your network’s security, your client’s data and your firm’s reputation.

Why are law firms prone to cybercrime?

In an article in the ABA Journal, Shane M. McGee, general counsel and vice president of legal affairs at Mandiant Corp., a leading cybersecurity firm, said that "law firms are… one-stop shops for attackers." That’s because, unlike corporate clients that maintain massive amounts of data, lawyers and law firms maintain only the most important, sensitive and, on the black market, valuable client information. Thus, attacking law firms over businesses is a manner of "criminal efficiency."

In addition to being more efficient, committing cybercrime against lawyers is often easier, as well. Many attorneys and firms lack the in-house technical skills and overall understanding necessary to combat cyberattacks, and often their data security measures fall short of data protection approaches in corporate environments.

What are the risks of cybercrime?

Falling prey to cybercriminals can cost you or your firm dearly in terms of customer defections and reputational damage. It can also prove costly in the form of lawsuits. According to the ABA Cybersecurity Handbook, "… lawyers and their practices can now be held liable for breaches. Ignorance of the risk is no longer an option or excuse."

How can you protect your firm from cybersecurity threats?

In our white paper, we provide a comprehensive guide you can use to develop an effective cybersecurity program. Borrowing from best practices in the corporate world and leveraging suggestions from authorities in the fields of Internet security and data protection, our white paper offers proven cybersecurity solutions for legal professionals.

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