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News of data breaches have become commonplace headlines as of late (and you’ve probably received multiple notices of your personal data being compromised), but that doesn’t mean only large corporations need to be concerned. Small businesses are most at risk for cyber attacks, as they are less likely to have data protection measures in place. In a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute , organizations in 2019 are nearly one-third more likely to experience a breach within two years than they were in 2014. So, given that any organization can be a hacker’s next target, can any organization truly feel secure?

In effort to find out, we asked 150 attorneys in corporate legal departments and 250 IT decision makers about their level of preparedness for a data breach – in the areas of both protection and response. The answers help paint a clearer picture of what the industry is doing about this growing security threat. Read the report to find out more.

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