Company Holiday Party Etiquette and Gift-Giving Advice

What is appropriate company holiday party etiquette and holiday gift giving? In this webinar, we break it all down so you can dash through the holiday season worry-free.

Holidays are tricky in a professional environment. Where’s the line between a personal and thoughtful gift and an overly personal present? Holiday gift giving etiquette: what is it and where do you start? Our webinar helps you create your holiday shopping list with detailed breakdowns of gift-giving tips including recipient type, gift type, and presentation standards. Whether the recipient is a boss, client, coworker, assistant, vendor, or recruiter, it’s important to get a gift that’s the right fit.

Proper etiquette dictates that when receiving gifts in the presence of the giver, you should open it immediately. But did you? And did you know that if you thank the giver in person, you’re off the hook for a thank you note? Look, we’re already saving you time! What about those instances when you must refuse a gift? Whether company policy requires you to turn down a gift due to regulation or company policy, are you prepared to let the giver down with tact? We can help with that, too.

And the much anticipated holiday parties and dinners…. And what if you’re the host? We’ll walk you through all the scenarios of holiday jubilee and how to prance through with refinement and professionalism. To make sure you’re ready for this holiday season in a corporation or law firm, view our webinar.

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