How to Prevent Data Breach

The goal of this webinar is to provide practical insights into the roles, responsibilities, and risks managed by the various practitioners involved with data breach prevention and the response management practices of an effective cyber security policy.

The potential cost of a cyber security breach depends on several factors, but on average, each single record breached costs $148. A breach of 1 million records costs $40 million, while a breach of 50 million costs $350 million. With money like that on the line, developing an effective strategy to prevent a data breach is essential. But when the attack is in the past, how do you move forward with effective next steps?

You’ve been breached – what now? When preventative measures fail, and you’re forced to react, do you have a cyber security policy in place to execute a data breach response plan? In this webinar we’ll review cyber-risk policies, third party coverage, and industry specific considerations like GDPR cyber security standards. We’ll review rapid response plans, how to prevent additional data loss, and how to preserve evidence.

We also cover the notification requirements that are governed by state laws and regulations. Who do you need to notify and by when? Are you prepared to gather, sort, store and protect the data of a discovery project involving all the breached information? And are you equipped with the team that can get it done – and get those who were impacted notified - by the legally required timeline? If you’re not sure, view our webinar to find out.

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