Proven Practices to Help Manage Your Work-From-Home Employees

In the current environment, professionals around the world are in a mode of having to move very quickly to a remote model. Before now, organizations were already shifting in this direction for the following reasons:

  • The attraction and retention of talent
  • To reduce their footprint either for their own agility, scalability, and cost perspective
  • For the positive environmental implications
  • To model their workforce after what some businesses believe to be the 'office of the future'
  • As an interim solution if they were having real estate issues or making changes where some or all of their companies need to work from home.

In this webinar, we address the current and evergreen reasons for moving to a more remote workforce and how to successfully implement a plan and a system for managing remote employees.

Remote Workers
Home Office

Pro tips from experienced personnel

Many of our expert project managers and managing attorneys exclusively work remotely and these professionals have developed successful work-from-home strategies, and they have created a very strong culture within their own teams and they have done it all virtually.

In this webinar, we share their proven remote work habits so that your organization doesn’t have to miss a beat during any office-to-remote workforce shifts.

Remote workforce management: Planning and execution

Starting with the early stages of planning - which includes a meeting with leaders from different functions of an organization - to roll out and beyond, we cover the full deployment process of a work-from-home strategy.

Technology needs

Assessing your organization’s technology needs (and wants) is critical. Do the systems you have in place support the goals you’ve set out to achieve? Communications, bandwidth, user surges, critical user priority protocol, and security risks are just a few issues that companies are being forced to address. Here, we touch on them all.

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