Client industry:

Professional services

Business challenge:

Determine if a former employee took sensitive company data and confidential documents.


Special Counsel’s Digital and Cyber Forensic Services team utilized specialized forensic tools, previous case experiences, and years of training to determine the files downloaded to a USB drive and sent to a personal email account.

The Opportunity

According to research conducted by Ernst and Young, 77% of respondents to their annual “Global Information Security Survey” consider a careless member of staff as the most likely source of attack. This statistic is alarming for many reasons; however, the most frightening aspect of this number is that it very likely does not include any consideration of the malicious insider who walks in and out of the company with data. The use of USB drives, cloud storage, and web-based email has proliferated over the last ten years. Each of these exfiltration methods poses a unique and elusive way to steal company information. Code42’s 2018 Data Exposure Report, found that 72% of CEOs admitted to taking intellectual property from their previous employers. A report published by the Ponemon Institute found that 65% of IT security professionals believed that their companies’ trade secrets were known to competitors.

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