As the U.S. economy continues its steady growth, the job market is changing in many ways. Companies are investing in their workforces and unemployment is at a 50 year low. And when it comes to the top legal jobs going into 2019, certain roles are leading the charge.

According to the NALP, the most recent law graduates show a rise of more than one full percentage point in the overall employment rate than the previous year. The employment outlook for recent law school graduates looks brighter than it has at any time since 2008. And while some recent law school graduates might still struggle to find legal jobs in 2019, experienced and specialized legal professionals are successfully advancing their careers. As more Baby Boomers retire each day, legal support professionals are flourishing across corporate legal departments and law firms. As tech continues to impact laws, the procedures and skills that employers expect candidates to possess are evolving.

With so many factors affecting the market, the demand for certain jobs ebbs and flows. As we enter 2019, thanks to our placement data and growing market trends, we have a clear picture of which jobs will be most important. Take a look at the top 5 legal jobs, and their salaries, in 2019.

Infographic of Top Legal and Law Jobs with Salaries for 2019 2019 Salary Guide

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