In a competitive hiring market, the grass is always greener for top talent. And during record-low unemployment, your best talent is just one good opportunity away from leaving for better employee perks elsewhere. While there’s no replacement for competitive salary and benefits, top firms and corporations are finding creative ways to increase employee retention and help attract new talent.

There are some low-cost benefits that mean more to people than salary. And if circumstances or budget won’t allow for pay bumps or costly benefit overhauls, there are innovative ideas for benefits and perks that can help your employees feel valued, rested, and committed. Whether it’s flex-scheduling and remote work, or daycare and “Bring Your Dog to Work Day,” - these affordable perks could make a big impact in workplace happiness and retention.

To find out more about which were the best benefits workers were craving, we gathered insights from our own first-party data. To do this, we surveyed clients, candidates, and our own recruiters to find out what unique job perks firms and companies are using to attract and retain top talent. Learn more about the best, affordable benefits employees love in the below infographic.

Top 10 Affordable Employee Benefits and Perks

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