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What does it take to stay ahead of the ever-changing trends in legal technology? Having the country’s top legal technology experts is a good start. For more than 10 years, many Am Law 200 firms and corporate legal departments have partnered with us to deliver the talent they need to advance their legal technology solutions. Partner with us to find specialists across all practice areas, including:

  • Executive-level leaders (chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief knowledge officers)
  • Help desk and desktop support personnel
  • Application developers
  • Applications support personnel and analysts
  • Network and systems engineers
  • Document management system (DMS) specialists
  • SharePoint administrators and developers
  • eDiscovery professionals
  • Legal support personnel
  • SQL DBAs
  • Legal technology trainers

As technology continues to advance and reshape the legal industry—from document management and security to eDiscovery solutions to presentation tools—you can continue to rely on our dedicated resources to deliver your legal technology specialists, and provide you with your competitive advantage.

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