Today, more than ever, businesses need to be aware of the rigorous legal and compliance standards that have emerged due to COVID-19. More than just standard safety protocols, close and mindful adherence to new and ever-changing CDC and OSHA guidelines, best practices, and national and local regulations have become a daunting but required norm. That’s where we come in.

Through our extensive network of thousands of consultants and contract attorneys, our expertise in professional and legal services and even through our personal business aptitude as part of a Global Fortune 500 organization, the Adecco Group Professional Recruitment & Solutions North American team have joined together to help businesses thrive during this challenging time. Through our new ReINVENT Program, we examine the unique challenges facing your teams, report findings and then provide the resources and support necessary to create a custom approach.

Here is how we, along with our sister brands, can help ReINVENT your business and create a better future of work.

  • INVestment

    Change doesn’t just equate to elimination. If you are assessing your company’s financial position and making strategic decisions for better long-term positioning, or considering your real estate footprint, here’s how we can help:

    • Business review and financial assessments
    • Real estate and contract negotiations - external legal support from contract attorneys for project-based lease renegotiations, supplier/manufacturer contract renegotiations, etc.
    • Business intelligence consulting
  • Ensure Safety

    Are you wondering how to minimize onsite interaction, how to properly screen for and report potential COVID-positive employees, or how to ensure that your facilities stay in tip-top shape? Here’s how our consultants can help:

    • Training development
    • Audits
    • Monitors
    • Screeners/temperature takers
    • Contact tracers
    • Facilities support
  • Navigate Risk

    Risk is an inherent part of the current environment. Lately you may be asking yourself about COVID-19’s impact on workplace laws, navigating labor employment litigation and even wondering how to physically set-up your office space to best ensure safety. As part of that reality, our trained compliance consultants and contract attorneys can assist you by doing the following:

    • Virtual and physical office site assessments to ensure compliance with federal, state, local and CDC guidelines
    • HR advisory services – return to work decisions & execution, impact of COVID-19 on federal laws, business continuity plans, updated company policies, etc.
    • Legal and risk support – leverage contract attorneys to work with your leadership team to keep the company up-to-date of the changing legal landscape while defraying outside counsel costs.
    • Communications and public relations support
  • Talent Engagement

    When you have a process and team that works, you don’t want to lose it. If you’re curious about the unique rewards and recognition that truly help with retention, the types of benefits that provide support during unforeseeably difficult situations like COVID-19 and how to make your workforce as flexible as possible during changing times, a workforce consultant may be the answer. Here’s how:

    • Remote workforce management
    • Talent mapping, organizational design and employee engagement services
    • Employee engagement best practices and talent attraction
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Benefits consulting
    • Contingent workforce solutions

No matter your question or organization’s need, our network of expert consultants can help guide and advise on any matter and provide the resources you need to ReINVENT your business for the new future of work.

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