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RelativityOne Certified Gold Partner

The RelativityOne Certified Gold Level is part of the Relativity Partner Program and recognizes organizations that have reached the highest bar for experience, customer satisfaction, staff training and certifications. Gold partners are considered proven innovators and must have at least two custom applications available in the Relativity App Hub.

Our apps, DiscoverMobile and Theia, were developed with our clients in mind and enhances data and image review functionality. As a Gold Certified Partner, Special Counsel has demonstrated an extensive and consistent track record of client results with RelativityOne and solidifies us as a leader in the eDiscovery technology space.

Don’t settle for second rate

RelativityOne is the premier eDiscovery tool, far outperforming the competition. Our customers use RelativityOne to tackle the simplest to the largest, most complex matters. You can rapidly scale and easily adapt your workflow to match the size and needs of any case.

The Special Counsel connection

With a custom pricing model that supersedes the minimum threshold typically required to use this enterprise-grade tool, we offer our partners access to all the RelativityOne software licensing, permissions-based access to the full suite of tools, advanced analytics, underlying infrastructure, and accompanying professional services.

In addition to serving as an extension of the law firm litigation support practice, Special Counsel can provide complementary professional services and consulting in the legal staffing, cybersecurity, data governance, low-cost attorney services.

But when it comes to RelativityOne, Special Counsel has built an entire business around providing expertise within each major module of the platform. Below are the top reason law firms choose to partner with Special Counsel in addition to RelativityOne.

       The top reasons law firms choose to partner with Special Counsel in

addition to RelativityOne.

  1. Customizable pricing models
  2. Depth of experience
  3. Scalability
  4. Forensic collection and analysis
  1. Data migration and workflow
  2. Lower cost third-party tools
  3. Our partnership with Relativity
  4. Web-based or onsite training

Pricing Models

Purchasing RelativityOne through our partnership offers law firms the ability work around minimum threshold requirements – avoiding the barriers to entry that may be too high for most small and mid-size firms.

Through a partnership with us, we offer our clients the full suite of RelativityOne offerings with monthly payment terms, low minimum thresholds, and competitive per unit pricing. Forget lengthy time commitments and large data requirements, because our clients can ease in and scale as they grow starting with more customized packages.

User licensing can be purchased on a consumption basis or in bulk. Regardless of which option is chosen, the savings that Special Counsel realizes from purchasing thousands of user licenses per year is passed along to our clients.

Ability to Scale

With over 50 offices across the US, UK, Australia and mainland China that are backed by a network of specialty legal staffing recruiters, we’re capable of ramping up your support to meet the needs of even the most grueling cases.

Built with client needs in mind, we have the capacity to house over 3,000 concurrent professionals or attorney reviewers with training and experience unmatched by our competitors in our TurnKey Legal Centers – which are scalable with adaptable work areas to match project size and scope without compromising security. With over 20 locations throughout the U.S. and U.K. – including several designated National Delivery Centers located in Austin, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Orlando and Phoenix – our TurnKey Legal Centers are supported 24/7 by our dedicated technical services team to minimize disruptions to productivity.

Lower Cost Third-Party Tools

The RelativityOne app-hub offers several different third-party add-on tools (such as Brainspace, TextIQ, Microsoft, and others) that can be leveraged on a case-by-case basis. Each carries their own independent costs and differing pricing models – usually with minimum thresholds.

But when you partner with us, we can supply per unit rates and make recommendations for how and when to best utilize the technology available to ensure best use and efficiency. As a Special Counsel client, you also get the benefit of a reduced cost of these third-party tools thanks to our existing large-scale agreements.

Depth of Experience

Having administrative access to all the functionality available within the RelativityOne technology stack requires a team of experts that have amassed considerable experience within each module. Which is why we have an entire department dedicated to each phase of the discovery lifecycle staffed by full time employees that have logged thousands of hours working on active matters for hundreds of law firm clients. That means over 100 permanent employees (including RelativityOne Certified Pros, Relativity Certified Administrators, and Relativity Experts) are dedicated to the various phases of the data discovery lifecycle from forensics through to the review.

Special Counsel Partnership with Relativity

After 12 years in partnership and nearly 10 years running as a Relativity Best-in-Service partner, our relationship with Relativity allows us to prioritize our client’s requests and funnel them directly to Relativity – through a custom pricing model. As one of the very first service providers in the industry to offer Relativity as a hosting solution, we benefit from being one of the earliest adopters and largest purchaser of RelativityOne services – which allows us to pass that cost-savings to our clients.

Working through our partnership with Relativity allows our clients in mid-size and regional firms to leverage a consumption-based model, with less upfront cost and no minimum data thresholds. All software licensing, permissions-based access to the entire suite of Relativity tools, advanced analytics, underlying infrastructure, and professional services can be bundled for a flat-fee model that is tiered to best pair with anticipated usage and growth expectations. The pricing model deviates from conventional pay-per-consumption models traditionally seen when going direct and helps eliminate the barriers to entry that may prevent smaller or mid-size firms from getting their RelativityOne advantage.

Our Legal Consulting Services

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